Cancellation and Refund Policy

i. In the event that, the Practitioner with whom User has booked a paid appointment via the Website, has not been able to meet the User, User will need to write to us at within five (5) days from the occurrence of such event; in which case, the entire consultation amount as mentioned on the Website will be refunded to the User within the next five (5) to six (6) business days in the original mode of payment done by the User while booking. In case where the User, does not show up for the appointment booked with a Practitioner, without cancelling the appointment beforehand, the amount will not be refunded, and treated as under Clause 3.4.9. However, where cancellation charges have been levied (as charged by the Practitioner/Practice), you would not be entitled to complete refund even if you have cancelled beforehand.

ii. Users will not be entitled for any refunds in cases where, the Practitioner is unable to meet the User at the exact time of the scheduled appointment time and the User is required to wait, irrespective of the fact whether the User is required to wait or choose to not obtain the medical services from the said Practitioner. Following are the points mentioned to simplify the cancellation & refund policy:

A. Users shall get full refund on payments made as visiting fees if the confirmed appointments are cancelled anytime from the provider’s end.

B. If cancellation of appointment is made within 24 hours of booking, a user will be provided with full refund within 5 (five) to 7 (seven) working days when the cause of appointment cancellation will be provided to Medicapp in writing at Medicapp shall own the right to not provide any refund to such payments if the reason of cancellation is not felt to be viable by Medicapp’s end.

C. Partial refund of upto upto 50% for any payment will be made if the cancellations of availed services are made from the user’s end after 24 hours of booking the appointment and no refund shall be made if the cancellation is made after 4 hours prior to the time of appointment.

D. In case of ‘No-show’ by any user on cash mode, the user shall be temporarily suspended from booking further appointments till the time as notified by Medicapp.

E. The service fee applied by Medicapp is non-refundable under any circumstances except as otherwise decided by Medicapp.